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Ostia Antica

The daily life of the ancient Romans in 40 hectares of archaeological park

From the Egypt of the pharaohs to imperial Rome

13 obelisks visiting the most beautiful places in Rome

Half day with private transfer

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The Aqueducts of Ancient Rome

Majestic structures stretching from the Roman countryside right into the center of the city

Arches and Columns: The Triumphs of the Emperors

Marble inscriptions hidden in the churches of the city, arches embedded in modern buildings and columns more than 30 meters high

Hidden Rome: The Ancient Cult of Mithras

A tour of underground Rome to discover the mystery cult of the god Mithras

From the Egypt of the pharaohs to imperial Rome

13 obelisks visiting the most beautiful places in Rome

The Baths of Ancient Rome: Masterpieces of Ancient Engineering

A walk through the world’s largest preserved Romanย 

Feeding the Empire: The History of the River Port of Rome

The traces of the past below and above street level, in the largest market in Rome

The Beautiful Life of the Emperors: Luxury and Splendor in the Great Villas

A Unique tour to discover some of the richest residences of the grandest Roman emperors in Rome

Archaic Rome: the legend of Romulus and Remus

A journey into Rome before Rome, this tour reveals what still survives despite the relentless passage of time

Not to be missed!

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  • Dintorni di Roma
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Horseback Riding with an Archaeologist on the Appian Way

Horseback trotting along one of the oldest streets in Rome.

The Center of ancient Rome: The Imperial Fora and the Colosseum

Roma caput mundi, to discover some of the most famous monuments in the world

The Villa of Hadrian

It is not a house or a city, but it has some of the most beautiful treasures of ancient Rome.

The Ancient Appian Way

The Regina Viarum of the Roman Empire in a breathtaking landscape

Piazza Navona and the Stadium of Domitian

The hidden corners of the famous square in the world


The Flavian Amphitheater, the most famous in the world, among gladiators and ferocious beasts


Imperial Fora and Palatine

A visit to the center of power of ancient Rome for over 1000 years

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  • Dintorni di Roma
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Ostia Antica

The daily life of the ancient Romans in 40 hectares of archaeological park

Villa of Maxentius

A magnificent ancient villa located very close to the city center.

Baths of Caracalla

The only Ancient Roman spa preserved almost entirely.

Palazzo Massimo

A breathtaking visit where some of the most famous Roman finds are preserved.

Baths of Diocletian

A museum located inside an ancient Roman Bath

Palazzo Altemps

A rich collection of antiquities in a fifteenth-century house just a few steps from Piazza Navona

Crypta Balbi

The only museum in Italy born in the same place where archaeologists excavated.

Roman Houses on the Caelian Hill

A house in ancient Rome, hidden underground a church

Tours for kids (4-12 YO)

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Who we are



Archaeologist and technical director of travel agency

Ph.D. candidate in Late Antique Archaeology in Romeย 

Loves to organize tours educational for children

Expert in: glass and ceramic vessels from the Roman period

Favorite archaeological site:ย  โ€œThe stunning Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica, where I took part in my very first excavation and where I have carried out my research throughout the years.โ€



Archeologist, equestrian and tour guide

B. A. in Rome

Loves to share the history and traditions of her city, preferably on horseback!

Espert in: ancient lighting, revival of abandoned sites, and food.

Favorite archaeological site: โ€œUndoubtedly the Archaeological Park of Appia Antica, where I can travel an ancient road on the back of a horse like an ancient Roman!โ€



Archeologist and tour guide

M.A. (Rome) specializing in ceramic objects excavated from the slopes of the Palatine.ย 

Loves to organize educational tours with children.

Expert in materials that everyone else considers rubble!ย 

Favorite archaeological site: โ€œWith so many places to see in Rome, itโ€™s hard to choose a favorite, but if I really had to choose I would say that the Pantheon tops the list. It is a structure truly enveloped in its magnificence, its grandeur and its undisputed charm, every time I cross its threshold I am amazed, even after all these years!โ€




B.A. (Ravenna)ย 

Loves the oil technique, especially painting scenes of contemporary daily life using the techniques of the masters of the past.

He loves to paint ancient ruins in the open air, like a 19th century traveler on the Grand Tours.

Favorite Archaeological Site: “Villa Adriana is by far the place where reflections, light and ruins come together in a perfect artwork”.

We founded ArcheoRoad Tour Operator in 2018 in response to the real need for visitors to Italy to have access to expert archaeological guides. With this in mind, we have curated a serious of archaeological tours that are designed, organized and carried out exclusively by trained archaeologists.
Each tour is carefully designed to introduce aspects of history and archaeology from the perspective of a specialist in the field. We have chosen unique and original sites that highlight aspects of Italyโ€™s less-known historical and archaeological heritage.

Our team consists of archaeologists who have studied and completed their degrees in Italy, who have excavated and studied at sites all over Europe and beyond. We envision our tours as true opportunities to transcend the barriers of time, because we bring with us the archaeologistโ€™s โ€œtool kitโ€ through which we can all glimpse the past.

Our tours bring together a passion for knowledge with the love of our homelandโ€ฆand we add a lot of fun into the mix!

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